• 2019 Ford Mustang

    Ford 2019 Mustang

    Engine Options 1


    [1] Performance Data measured using 98 RON fuel.

    5.0L V8

    339kW 556Nm

    Seating for


    Hear the Power

    Performance is at the heart of every Mustang ever built. The unique thrill of opening up on that straight line. The quick and responsive downshift. Not to mention the legendary power under the hood and that throaty growl that comes with it.

    Mustang R-SPEC

    Introducing the special edition Ford Mustang R-SPEC – the most potent, performance-focused Mustang ever available from your local Ford dealer, created in collaboration with Herrod Performance. Powered by a Ford Performance Supercharged 5.0L V8, every Mustang R-SPEC is individually numbered and styled with unique black exterior treatment, R-SPEC specific alloys and one-off boot lid spoiler. Riding on lowered Ford Performance suspension, it’s the ultimate special edition Mustang.

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    Ford Mustang R-SPEC Ford Mustang R-SPEC
    • Customise Your View

      Customise Your View

      The 12-inch Digital Instrument Cluster is the first all-LCD display ever offered on a Mustang. It’s easy to view, fast and responsive. And, like everything else in this Mustang, absolutely beautiful.

    • MyMode


      You can set your favorite drive settings and the MyMode system will remember them next time you get behind the wheel. Program your ideal ESC, throttle, steering, exhaust and gauge appearence preferences and save them with a touch of a button.

    • MyColour


      Once you’ve selected your ideal layout – Normal, Sport or Track – it’s time to choose your colours. Ensure your instruments are uniquely yours by choosing the primary and secondary colours from 30 options. It takes mere seconds to totally change the mood from precise and business like, to vibrant and funky using Mustang’s MyColour feature.

    • Track Apps

      Track Apps

      Performance metrics are instantly provided in the instrument cluster. Accelerometer displays lateral and longitudinal g-forces, acceleration times and lap times, plus automatic and countdown starts. Launch Control on manual models integrates brakes, traction control and powertrain control to help ensure smooth, consistent starts.

    • MyGauge


      Not too many, not too few. Select from six different gauges showing vital mechanical data for the three MyGauge slots, ensuring you always have the information you need right in front of your eyes. Prefer a more minimalist view? You can opt for as much as a little information as you like, that’s the beauty of the Mustang’s Digital Instrument Cluster.

      Feel the Road

      The straight and narrow is fun for that open-throttle acceleration, but there’s nothing like the thrill of powering through a corner with awe-inspiring control.

      Drive the Legend

      Sure, there are other sports cars on the market. But nothing else offers the unique combination of classic style, Hollywood stardom, and old-school V8 performance that you get with the Ford Mustang. Whether it’s the Fastback or Convertible, the Mustang is truly a car with no competitors.

      Experience the Future

      Performance may already run in its veins, but it’s advanced driver assist technology that’s taking the Mustang to a whole new level of sophistication.

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