If you’re opening your tailgate to pack the back, your hands are probably full. You can put everything on the ground or do your best balancing act as you try to find your keys. But we decided it was smarter to create a tailgate you can open simply by using your foot.


How it works

  • The Hands-free Tailgate* works together with your Keyless Entry key fob.

  • Sensors produce an electrical field that is broken when you wave your foot under the centre of the rear bumper.

  • When you break the field, it triggers a search to find and verify your key fob.

  • Once your key fob is verified an electronic impulse is sent to the tailgate latching system to open (or close, if it’s already open).
Ford How it works


  • If the tailgate detects something is in the way of its opening or closing arc it reverses the movement to avoid any damage.
  • You can program your tailgate’s opening height to fit a low-ceiling garage, for example.
  • The tailgate can also be opened either by pressing a button on the instrument panel or under the tailgate handle. You can also close the tailgate by pressing a button on the base of the open tailgate.



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