When you think of SYNC®, you probably think of family, friends, social life, even work. But there’s a more serious side to SYNC®. It can look out for you if you have an accident by automatically calling emergency services.


How it works

  • Once you activate Emergency Assistance (EA), it will automatically use your paired phone, which needs to be within mobile network range, to call the emergency services operator if an accident causes your fuel pump to shut-down or your airbags to activate.
  • The call gives your location details and stays open so that anyone in the vehicle or at the scene can talk to the operator.
  • SYNC® always asks if you want to proceed before making the call to ensure that unnecessary calls are not made to Emergency Services.
Ford How it works

Did you know?

Unlike some similar services, there is no subscription fee to use SYNC®Emergency Assistance, as it uses your paired phone to call Emergency Services directly.

Ford Did you know?

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