Engines aren’t the only way to deliver fuel savings. Our engineers look at the whole vehicle, including reducing aerodynamic ‘drag’. Active Grille Shutter limits how much air passes through the grille, while still keeping your engine cool.


How it works

  • Electronically controlled by an engine control module, the shutter is located between the grille and engine radiator.
  • The shutter automatically opens when the engine needs cooling to maintain the ideal engine operating temperature, and closes when it doesn’t.
  • Fourteen pre-programmed positions offer the best balance between cooling and a ‘slippery’ profile, so both the grille’s aerodynamic efficiency and engine cooling capability are maximised.
  • Aerodynamic ‘drag’ is reduced when the grille is closed or partially closed, as air cannot flow through the grille into the vehicle. Less resistance or ‘drag’ means the car ‘slips’ through the air more easily.
  • Reduces engine warm-up time, as the shutter is closed.
Ford How it works

What is aerodynamic drag?

  • If air could be seen, you’d see large amounts of turbulent air left in the wake (drag) of some cars, while others leave only a small amount. The more easily a car ‘slips’ through air, the less drag.
  • Turbulence happens when the airflow around a car is broken by a sudden change in shape.
  • The ideal low drag shape, if you imagine airflow as layers of unbroken lines, is a flowing curved front end that diverts the airflow around the vehicle without breaking the lines. As they flow to the rear, details like the small rear spoiler allows the airflow lines to rejoin with minimal turbulence.
Ford What is aerodynamic drag?

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